Q&A: Tanuj Lalchandani, Author of 'Tatva, Soul & Karma'

Tanuj Lalchandani is a well-known astrologer, spiritual healer, palmist, tarot reader, and author. As a spiritual healer and astrologer, he helps people in leading more peaceful and fulfilling lives by telling them about simple remedial measures. He blends modern day techniques, supports his statements with logic and guides his clients about love, career, vaastu tips, and more. His book Tatva, Soul & Karma combines spirituality and astrology, and is an attempt to understand the various Indian Gods and Goddesses and how to worship them.

I chat with the author about his book Tatva, Soul & Karma, his inspiration for writing the book, the importance of nature in Astrology and Hinduism, and much more.

Hello, Tanuj! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a very simple person who enjoys the comfort of his home. I love travelling and good food. I am not much into partying. Most of my clients have become close friends over a period of time. I enjoy my work very much. Meditation gives me inner peace. Once I decide to do something, I am very persistent and do not stop till the goal is achieved.

I started astrology at a very young age. Thanks to my father, I had the opportunity of meeting my Guru, Late Shri Subhash Chand Gupta. With his guidance, I started by making personality analysis and reading palms of my friends and family. This is a field where you grow only with practice. Once I was confident of my skills, I started doing it professionally. I started small and grew with word of mouth. My clients have been my biggest source of publicity. They started recommending me to their friends and families due to the accurate predictions and simple remedies. The chain is still growing and I have a long way to go before I truly consider myself successful.

Which authors and books were your early formative influences?

I have been drawn towards astrology and spirituality since an early age. So books like Bhagavad Geeta, Shiv Mahapurana and Durga Saptashati have always been constant in my life. Apart from these, I love the poetry by Gulzar. He is one of my favourites.

Please tell us more about the book Tatva, Soul & Karma.

Tatva, Soul & Karma is an attempt to understand the various Indian Gods and Goddesses and how to worship them. The book combines spirituality and astrology. With this book, I attempt to present simple remedies which are either to be performed daily or just once a year. These simple remedial measures can help a person in leading a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Such remedies help in strengthening our karma and getting rid of karmic debts and sins.

This book not only focuses on improving karma but also encourages us to focus on the positivity around us. We are surrounded by a lot of positive energy and by focussing on it we can get the best out of it. It will help one to become a calmer and more peaceful person with a golden aura. It will encourage one to forgive and forget and move ahead on the path to success. With good karma and a positive attitude, one succeeds in all spheres of life.

'Tatva, Soul & Karma', published by Tanuj Lalchandani

What inspired you to write this book?

My work revolves around people. I really believe in helping others. This book is just a very simplistic guide to help people understand the basics of astrology without delving too deep into it. It is perfect for a beginner who wishes to know a little about the planets, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and certain rituals. I hope people can benefit from it.

In the book, you talk about the importance of nature in Astrology and Hinduism. Can you tell us more about it, for our readers?

Since ancient times, Hindus and people in general have worshipped the elements of nature. When we look at Gods and demi-Gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni dev, Goddess Ganga, etc., they have all been manifestations of these natural elements. Nature is considered sacred in Hinduism. It is believed that since human life cannot be sustained without nature, one must revere it. Earth is worshipped as a Goddess or devi. There are various trees, animals and rivers which are considered sacred even today. A lot of plants that we worship have medicinal qualities which benefit humans.

Nobody can deny the importance of rivers. Every major civilisation started at the banks of a river. Hence, we worship them. Cows are revered because they provide so much to humans. We cannot undermine the importance of these rivers, animals and plants in our everyday life.

Of course there are astrological and spiritual implications as well. By taking a dip in Ganga, the negative impact of Rahu and Moon can be reduced. Cow’s milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine are all considered pure and important during various religious havan and pooja. By worshipping Tulsi, one pleases Lord Vishnu. It also reduces the ill-effects of Venus.

What is the message that you want readers to take away from this book?

I want the readers of the book to understand the importance of doing good deeds. What is meant to be happens, but with our good deeds, we can definitely improve our life. I also wish to remove unnecessary fears, myths and misinformation about astrology. Astrology is there to help and guide us.

How have you been coping with the current pandemic and what will be the new normal for you post it?

Initially I took some much needed ‘Me’ time. I spent quality time with my family. I started focussing more on online consultations. Now offline consultations have started again but many people prefer online consultations. I think digital will be the new normal. Some clients were unable to perform remedies due to the lockdown. I updated myself with new remedies which could be done within the confines of home like mantra therapy.

I love travelling but the way we travel has changed. I hope things will be back to normal soon.

Lastly, are you currently reading anything and do you have any book recommendations for our readers?

As of now I am not reading much. However, I would like to recommend biographies of Steve Jobs and other self-made and successful entrepreneurs. I am really fascinated by Steve Jobs’ attention to detail and perfection. I strive for the same myself and encourage others to learn from the good in everyone.

The book ‘Tatva, Soul & Karma’ is available online and at your nearest bookstore.

From Jammu, J&K; Studied in DPS, Jammu.