Q&A: Sunil Bhave, Author of 'Me and My Rottweiler'

Sunil Bhave is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIM Lucknow, and is currently an executive and transformational leadership coach. He conducts many strategy and business workshops for reputed corporates. He is currently settled in Pune and is an ardent pet lover and loves gardening too. Writing and storytelling are amongst his passions. He believes that pets can touch human souls in more ways than one. He has recently come out with the book Me and My Rottweiler: A Journey Together. This book tells a warm and engaging story of the wonderful partnership between man and pet, and about how having a companion and a team member provides some much needed motivation to achieve meaningful goals.

I chat with him about his book Me and My Rottweiler, his inspiration for writing the book, book recommendations, and much more.

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself!

After a long and successful corporate career, I left the corporate world a few years ago and am currently an executive and transformational leadership coach. Early on, I have completed my engineering from IIT Bombay followed by a management degree from IIM Lucknow. Writing and storytelling are amongst my passions, along with a love of animals. I have had many pets in my life, including  a rabbit, a parrot, a Jenday Conure, finches, cockatiels, a turtle, fishes, a squirrel, a cat, and yes, a Rottweiler as a pet. I believe that animals offer unconditional love and trust their human friends. The impact that they can have on humans is amazing.

In the corporate world and otherwise I have believed in the power of teamwork. An animal and human can form a team and achieve something meaningful.

I am excited that my first book is being well received and have been overwhelmed by the compliments from friends and strangers alike.

You can read more about me and the book on www.mykoconsultingpro.com/meandmyrottweiler.

Which authors and books were your early formative influences?

A lot of authors and books have influenced me during my formative and teen years. I had read many of the all-time classics. Early on, the most prominent authors that influenced me were Dr Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), Roald Dahl, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ayn Rand, and Agatha Christie. I cherished reading a lot of Marathi books too and their impact was invaluable.

If you could only describe your book Me and My Rottweiler in five words, what would they be?

Motivational, Young-adult, Lovable, Simple, Transformational.

'Me and My Rottweiler', published by Notion Press

Now tell us a little more about the book! What can readers expect?

The book brings to life a bond between the owner and his dog, and their joint journey of self-discovery.

This is a story about Shubham and his pet Rottweiler named Ocee. Shubham’s family gets Ocee and they soon discover her condition. That pushes him to act on his own challenges. Working together, they motivate each other to overcome their respective obstacles.

It is a warm and engaging story of the wonderful partnership between man and pet. The story is about their simple yet amazing journey. Most readers will fall in love with the characters and will relate to them well.

What was the moment when the idea of the book first came to be? What made you pursue it?

I have always been passionate about storytelling and writing. The book is a work of fiction woven around some facts. About three years ago, when I had taken my dog for a walk, the idea of the book struck me. I felt that others should enjoy the story too. My drive for writing and closeness of the subject to my heart made the book happen.

What is the message that you want readers to take away from this book?

First and foremost, I want the readers to enjoy this simple clean story. Many of the readers have finished my book in one sitting and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The readers should feel motivated in their life to overcome challenges that they face. The message that they should take away is that overcoming such challenges is very much possible. It is a book that every parent should encourage their children to read.

How have you been coping with the current pandemic and what will be the new normal for you post it?

The key is to have a lot of self-discipline and patience. Self-discipline in engaging in activities such as reading, gardening, exercising, that keep your body and mind fit. Also take this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Talk to them as often as you can. Negative news on the social media can dishearten you. I don’t spend much time consuming and pondering over such news.

Lastly, are you currently reading anything, and do you have any book recommendations for our readers?

I keep on reading in alternate cycles between fiction and non-fiction. I am reading Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck and Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor. Mindset, as the name suggests is about having a growth mindset and how to develop it. The book Reaching the Animal Mind is about using behavioural theories to train almost any type of animal or bird. Once I finish these, I plan to read Global Capitalism by Jeffry Frieden, Springboard by G. Richard Shell, and Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.

The book ‘Me and My Rottweiler: A Journey Together’ is available online and at your nearest bookstore.

From Jammu, J&K; Studied in DPS, Jammu.